Mr. Mellow at the Vet


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Everyone loves Chase at the Vet. They took many pictures of him while he was there, and they gave me a printout of a couple of them. They said he’s a big lovebug. He got his ears poked six times today, and he’s a little skittish this evening (it’s never quiet at my house). Poor guy. The Vet will call me in the morning to let me know her interpretation of his blood sugar reads.


Squirrel at My Feet This Morning


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Kitty’s at the vet for his test

Doctor called – good news for my son

Squirrel at my feet this morning

Felt good to sleep in and get rest

His breakfast, kitty could have none

Squirrel at my feet this morning

Son’s biopsies good; we are blessed

Hope kitty’s vet stay is fast one

Squirrel at my feet this morning

We all fasted, too, Chase’s stressed

Can’t wait until he’s home, and it’s done

Squirrel at my feet this morning

Sera4Inspired by Chase’s vet visit this morning. He had to fast after midnight, and he’s having his blood sugar tested all day long (every two hours). My younger son’s biopsy results are all good. Sera was glad to see me when I came back from the vet and brought her breakfast out and went inside to eat mine.



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crocusSpring is a time of re-birth. I have decided to work harder at seeing less of myself in the mirror.  Weight Watchers was not working for me.  I have not been able to succeed with them since they moved away from the old Selection Plan that they had in the 1990′s. I lost 60+ pounds on that plan.  Maybe it’s an age thing. Losing weight in your 30’s is hard, but it is doable. Losing weight in your 50′s is much harder. I also never liked Weight Watchers Points.

Weight Watchers’ Points Plan, Points Plus Plan and their most recent Quick Start plan just don’t do anything for me.  I do better with a more rigid, structured plan – one that demands that I eat healthier food, one that makes me accountable, one that makes me make better choices.  On the Selection Plan, I’d get to the end of the day, still hungry, and I’d look at the check boxes on my tracker.  If I only had fruit selections left, I ate fruit.  It was simple. It was based on the Food Pyramid, but I guess that’s obsolete now. All the whiny babies out there wanted something more flexible. The Points Plan is touted as “you can eat anything you want; you just have to count the points for it”.  I’m sorry, that says to me “you can eat anything you want”, and my brain ignores the second half of the sentence. It is too easy to cheat, and I know there are members out there who use all their Points on unhealthy choices and steer clear of fruits and vegetables. Basing everything on Points allows you to do that.

I also had issues with the Weight Watchers meetings.  The leader I liked decided to no longer teach the session I attended regularly.  That threw me off as I did not like her replacement. She was not as engaging. I went from someone bubbly, funny and loud to someone dull.  I didn’t care if I attended meetings or not.  I tried other meetings, and I tried other locations.  None of it helped. I got tired of paying the long buck every month for something that I wasn’t using.  I didn’t attend meetings, and I only used the online tracker/phone app sporadically.

There are alternatives to Weight Watchers, and I don’t mean the alternative of staying fat. I’ve decided I don’t want that alternative any longer. I turned back to myfitnesspal.  This is a program very similar to Weight Watchers – all that is missing are the meetings and the monthly fees.  I like their phone app better than the Weight Watchers app.  I like the community at myfitnesspal better, too.  I was welcomed back almost immediately by an online friend.  I did not make any friends at Weight Watchers meetings.  I have a harder time reaching out to strangers in a face-to-face setting.

I started over again this week. I have tracked, and I have exercised.  I am drinking lots and lots and lots of water.  I can do this.  I don’t need Jessica Simpson staring down at me from her poster every Tuesday evening.  I can’t stand her anyway.  Sure, I’d lose all the weight, too, if they made me a spokesperson and gave me the plan and all the features, support and items for free. Paid spokespeople or celebrities who get all the perks and benefits for nothing annoy the crap out of me with their fake smiles. They don’t inspire me to be just like them because they are not “just like me”.

I weighed in this morning using my digital scale at home, and I’ve lost 4 pounds. I know the first week is mostly water weight, but I’ll take it. Onward and upward! If anyone is looking for a weight loss buddy, let me know. I am currently online with myfitnesspal.  My username there is heronlover.

Endoscopy Done


My son’s endoscopy is done. Dr says he biopsied the esophagus and duodenum. Esophagus looks better than it did 4 years ago. Could not tell visually if he has celiac. Have to wait for biopsy results. I am now waiting for nurses to call me back to recovery area. So many families here in the pediatric surgery waiting area with babies and little ones. It’s heartbreaking listening to some of them. I watched several tiny tykes in the pre-op area walk in and hop up on the scale. So cute in their footie pajamas. I will be happy once we are on our way home.


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