Becoming Scarce


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I’m going to be here less; I will miss it I confess
I’ve reduced the amount I write; time is just too tight
School has become my priority; it has claimed my time with authority
I’d like to spend more time blogging, but all my free time school is hogging
I was happily juggling three pages, but I haven’t done it well in ages
It got harder to give them all a voice, and I now I simply have no choice
I will write when I am able, but for now regular blogging I will have to table
I will miss the daily interaction, but doing too much gave me no satisfaction
I don’t deal well with stress, and right now I feel like a mess
I will return from time to time; to quit would be a crime
See you soon from Sera, Chase, Ginny and I



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It hit home to me this week that achieving another degree really is a lot more difficult than achieving the first one was.  I am mid-way through my second course, and I am working harder than I ever have. At times it feels like I have bitten off more than I can chew.

franklinMy upcoming Algebra course looks to be a nightmare. I’ve signed up for a weekly online study group. Every Wednesday night from 8:00-10:00 p.m. I will be interacting live with classmates and the teacher. I also have to take four proctored exams during this Math class so I will be over at my local library, taking the exams with the librarian proctoring each test. For this class I also needed a special calculator. I bought a used TI-84 Plus Graphing calculator on eBay last night. The school even offers classes on how to use the calculator!


Finding time to blog has become a bit of a challenge, and posts have become farther apart.  I am sorry for that.  Sleep has become scarce, too. I work all day long, come home, feed the cat and get right on the computer. I take breaks for the cat’s shot and dinner, but I sometimes spend all evening working on school work. Why do I push myself so hard? Because it matters. I try to strike a balance between excelling at the assignment and “good enough”. There are instances where I have to turn something in so I just go with “good enough”. Submitting something is better than submitting nothing. I like to give everything 110%, but I’m only human.

I am still trying to take better care of myself, and this week it was harder to do. I didn’t get out and walk as much as I should have. I found myself stress-eating at work and was unable to stop even though I knew what I was doing. Things are piling up at work again. My in-box is an entire bookshelf, and it’s threatening to overflow into my desk area again.


So I’ll try to find time each day for a walk. It helps with the stress and clears my head so that I can face whatever is coming my way.

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Mr. Mellow at the Vet


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Everyone loves Chase at the Vet. They took many pictures of him while he was there, and they gave me a printout of a couple of them. They said he’s a big lovebug. He got his ears poked six times today, and he’s a little skittish this evening (it’s never quiet at my house). Poor guy. The Vet will call me in the morning to let me know her interpretation of his blood sugar reads.



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