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I know I’ve written of it many times before – the soft and sheltered childhood I had. Looking back now I realize I was a little princess. I had no chores, no responsibilities and no worries. Yet I was a nervous and scared child – a worrywart. Some of that is just my personality, and some of it is because I’m a product of my environment. My mother was a stay at home mom with little social contact outside of family. She hated people, crowds and social situations. She never wanted to hang out with the neighbors. She was happiest reading, baking, gardening, or sewing. I always wanted to be her.

I had a good upbringing. Times were hard financially, but I never knew that. I was never told we were struggling at times. I had everything I wanted. There was always a new dolly whenever I wanted one so I was happy. True most of (if not all) of my clothing was homemade. I look at old photos, and everything I’m wearing is something Mom made. I thought it was because she loved to sew. I know differently now. I know it was because it cost less, too. Those handmade things caused me grief in high school. It was something else for the mean kids to ridicule. Never mind that the handmade things were prettier and better quality than some of the store bought items. They made me different and I hated that. I was determined when I had kids of my own that they’d never wear handmade clothes to school and they never did. I never picked up the gift of sewing. I never could master reading a pattern whether it was sewing or crocheting, and I never could master a sewing machine. My seams were crooked, the material ended up full of holes and bits of thread knots, and I broke needles on the sewing machine by the dozens. I never enjoyed it, and maybe I subconsciously thwarted it.

This time of year always brings back memories of my childhood. I try not to let it overwhelm me, but at times it does. I don’t want my sons to remember Mom crying every holiday. Hubby tells me I should be making happy memories for them, and I try to, but it’s hard. My family is all gone now. They moved away or died. My parents, aunt and grandparents are dead, and my cousins are scattered across other states. I’ve written of my brother before. We haven’t spoken in years, and I gave up on him after trying several times. In my mind’s eye I see all those smiling, happy faces from my childhood sitting around my mother’s dining room table. I cherish those memories and am truly thankful that I had those good people in my life.

thanksgivingI thank God for hubby. I am blessed that we found each other and have built a life and a family together. It has not been an easy life. We’ve struggled with money, ADHD, Autism, Diabetes, job losses and a part-time marriage for the past few years after he became a trucker. I am thankful for and proud of what we have together. I found my other half when I answered a newspaper ad 26 years ago. Not many marriages last 25 years these days. People give up too easily. Sometimes toughing it out through hard times makes marriages better and stronger. Thank you for always being there for me, honey. I love you.

I am thankful for the two handsome, funny and wonderful young men who share our home. I couldn’t have asked for better sons. Both of them are loving, sensitive and hard-working. Most importantly they are good men. They share a love of trains, and both have wicked senses of humor. They laugh and joke together, and they keep melancholy old Mom laughing, too. They’ve perked me up more than once. I am so glad I have them.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone finds something to be thankful for today.

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When Honesty is Not Important


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Apparently it matters little to certain electronics manufacturers whether customers give their products honest reviews or not. They don’t want your reviews if you say anything negative, or if God forbid, you mention a competitor’s product. Yes, I’m talking to you, LG Electronics. They kept haranguing me to write a review on the LG G3 Smartphone I recently purchased.

I used the phone for three weeks and decided I’d made a big mistake. I turned the phone over to a confirmed Android user (my hubby). He loves the darned thing. Go figure. I returned to Apple where I’d been happy the past two years, and where I am very happy once again. Back to LG, I wrote the review that they had been begging me for. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of mentioning another product in my review.

I received an email from them today informing me that my review had been rejected. They also attached their “guidelines” to help explain why my opinion had been deleted/ignored/turned down/turned away/rejected/crapped upon. The only thing I could find in their wacky guidelines is that it’s a big no-no to mention a competitor’s product. Gasp! I had the audacity to state that I had disliked my experience. I was very polite. I compared the two phones – LG vs. Apple, and then I stated (oh, heavens above!) that I’d returned to using an Apple phone. I did tell them that my husband loves Android phones, and he is happily using their over-sized, over-complicated piece of junk (no, I didn’t use those last several words).

So if you are in the market for an electronic product, and you happen to browse online for an LG product, please be aware that their reviews are skewed. They reject those of us who may possibly say something negative about their plastic crap Smartphone. They don’t want anyone else’s product mentioned because (my word!) people might know there are also Smartphones created by Apple, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Windows, Amazon, Nexus, Motorola, etc., etc. etc. I guess they are afraid that people might know and might actually look at those other products instead.

lg_logoI do believe this is the last LG product I personally will purchase. I do not appreciate a company that only wants glowing reviews and won’t acknowledge that there is competition out there. Get your heads out of the sand, LG! If your product is so poor that you have to falsely “pad” the reviews in your favor, then I’m not interested in buying any of them.

Light of My Life


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The day is here

Twenty five years ago

I was so calm and so sure

You were so serious waiting for me

I walked the aisle and felt like a princess

I felt such joy meeting you before God, families and friends

It felt so right

It was

My best friend in life

My love for ever and eternity

My joy knows no end

You complete me

I love you

Happy Anniversary


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