Halloween – Times Have Changed


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Halloween 1995-2

When kids were small and costumes were cool

They sometimes liked to dress up for school

The small ones had a costume parade

To showcase bought and often homemade

As kids grew up it becomes less fun

They quit trick or treating one by one

No one wanted to answer the door

And find a visitor six foot four

The delinquents live to terrorize

And intimidate with their sheer size

So off the lights go, the door gets locked

The bell is broken, the door gets knocked

Go away! There’s no one here inside

Just us cats and their owners who hide

Yes, we’ve become those people who fear

The old, the disinterested, the queer

Today it’s safer to just stay hid

Too many strangers, who is that kid?

They drive them here from farther away

Halloween, I used to love that day



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Looking at photos of our younger, less wrinkled, slimmer selves, it’ hard not to long for what we once had. And hindsight being what it is, we look back fondly and remember things a bit differently than they actually were. No, our world wasn’t perfect then. It just seems like it was.

Fab long time ago when we was fab

eldermirrorAging gets us all. I look in the mirror and long for how I used to look. These days I thank God for Photoshop and its “Reduce Noise” feature. I like to add a little “blur” to my photos these days. I can remove some of the wrinkles, red splotches and sags. It at least gives me the illusion of having work done without actually having work done. It’s similar to what they used to do for older actresses – they’d film them through a filter or a mesh screen to “blur” the edges a little. Am I vain? Yes. I look in the mirror and just shake my head. Looking pretty used to be so effortless, and the joke is that back then I never thought I was pretty. Now being pretty is more of a hit or miss proposition, and often it’s just plain hard work. Some days I don’t want to paint on all the concealers, cover-ups, liners, mascaras, lotions and potions.

makeup2Not bothering with all that subterfuge can be freeing in many ways. You can be anonymous. If no one is looking at you anyway, you can wear those ratty clothes to the grocery store. Who cares? I used to obsess over outfits and never ever leave the house without makeup – even if I was just running to the store to pick up one thing. The way I look on Saturdays and Sundays these days would have terrified my younger self! Turning 50 seemed to be a turning point for me. I finally felt like an adult who didn’t have to answer to anyone else for how I “should” look or “should” behave. I finally started to feel comfortable in my own skin. I still powder the shine off my nose and refresh my lip gloss (if I don’t, I bite my lips and they hurt). I make sure my hair isn’t in total disarray, and I call it good.

makeupI’m still “fab”; I’m just a different kind of fab. My fab comes from inside these days, and that’s what counts in the end.


George Harrison – When We Was Fab Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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Admitting Defeat and Imperfection


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This weekend sees the end of my first course in the “new” degree program at Bryant and Stratton. I made it through. I have to admit to being disappointed in how I did on tests this time around. I passed, and I am guessing my final grade will be a high B. I am happy with that.

Things were harder this time around, for some reason.   The web design courses weren’t a breeze, but the tests seemed easier. The tests in the Paralegal program are mostly multiple choice, but they are those difficult multiple choice questions where two (and sometimes three) of the responses sounded like they could have been correct. I got A’s on all my papers, assignments and class interactions. The tests I struggled with, though. I got a 77% on my mid-term and a 70% on one of the weekly quizzes, and that’s way below my usual standards. I did well on the Final Exam except for the first essay question where I was WAY off base. I can’t wait to see my grade on the final. I won’t know my final grade until the teacher grades the final exam and the final project.

gradesI also am going to admit defeat with the Android phone. I think I drank too much of the Apple koolaid. I’ve had the LG G3 for just over three weeks, and I’m not enjoying the experience. I’m disappointed in the camera. I took better pictures with my little iPhone 4s. The pictures on the iPhone were crisper and sharper and when I increased the image size, the clarity and crispness remained. That’s not happening with the camera on the LG – the pictures get blurrier every time when size is increased. I don’t like the apps that are available in the Google Play store. There are apps that are similar to what I had on the iPhone, but some are just not available. I miss the functionality I had. I still don’t understand why most applications and processes on an Android phone have to be so complicated. I also don’t like the bigger display screen. This phone has a 5.5 inch display. I don’t use it for anything. It’s impossible to work one-handed – you can’t use your thumb to open something and quick check it – you have to two-hand everything. That’s annoying when you want to quick see something. The bigger screen makes for a bigger, bulkier phone. It doesn’t fit into my pockets or my purse. The screen overheated on me in my purse the other night, and it killed the battery. Hubby tells me, “Oh, Androids do that. You must have an app that’s using too much juice.” I almost had a fire in my purse. The phone got so hot that everything in the purse around it was very hot to the touch. So I’m admitting defeat.

2013-iphone5s-grayHubby loves the Android world, and he’s due for a new phone. He’s going to take over a barely used LG G3. I’m going back to Apple. I did my phone-to-phone comparison on the various Apple models, and I decided that I don’t want the bigger screen that’s available on the iPhone 6 or 6 plus. I’ve ordered an iPhone 5s, and I’ll save $150. I don’t mind that it’s last year’s model. It’s two models up from the iPhone 4s I had (and loved), and the features compare pretty closely with the iPhone 6. The only bummer was that I wasn’t able to get the phone at the Verizon store – they are all sold out of Apple phones (new and older models). I had to order it, and wait until it comes next Tuesday. I can’t wait. I’ve missed my little phone.



Donna Reads: Where We Belong


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wherewebelongIn Where We Belong by Emily Giffin, we meet Marian and Kirby. Marian gave a baby up for adoption 18 years ago. Kirby is that baby, and she is now 18 herself. She shows up at Marian’s door one day, and Marian is not prepared.

Did I like this book? No. Why did I read it? I read it for my book club. I got 90% of the way through it (after struggling along with it for weeks), and then I finally gave up and skipped to the last chapter to figure out how it ended (I had already pretty much deduced the ending). It’s hard for me to slog through a book when I don’t like the characters in it. It was a painful read. The pacing was slow, and the events in the book were just dull. The ending didn’t turn out how I wanted it to either.

Would I read another book by Ms. Giffin? No. Would I recommend this book? No. It’s rare when I give up on a book that I’ve almost finished, but I didn’t see any point in reading those 40-some pages that I skipped. I just wanted it to be over!


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