Still a Student


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Uh-oh, I’ve done it again.  I’m enrolled, and I start school again in a month and a half.  I know I graduated in May (finished my Associate’s degree in December).  I know I tried a different online school and didn’t care for their Bachelor’s program and dropped out after finishing one class and not finishing a second one.

This time I’ve gone back to my first school, and I’m not going for a Bachelor’s degree. I’m going for a dual Associate’s degree.  I don’t have to take any of the Liberal Arts classes in the program.  My credits transfer over from the program I just completed.  I only have to take the content classes so I’m already half done with the second degree. This time I’m going for what I probably should have gone for in the first place.  This time the degree will more closely match what I do in my day job.


Yes, I’m going for an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies.  Am I crazy?  Maybe. Am I excited about it?  Yes. I’ve missed school!  Okay, yes, I am crazy.  I guess I’m addicted to learning.  I’m excited to learn more about the law and more about what paralegals do in other areas of the law.  My legal experience consists of 8 years in a law firm’s Human Resources department and 8 years in Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights) departments at two different law firms.  I look forward to learning more. Yep, definitely crazy!

Donna Reads: Seraphina


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SeraphinaIn the magical kingdom of Goredd, dragons and humans have peacefully co-existed under a peace treaty for many years. In Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina, dragons have the ability to morph into a human-like appearance. They live and work as ambassadors and teachers. Seraphina Dombegh is an assistant musical mistress and she works for the royal family. She also has a secret.

This novel was published in 2012, and I bought it shortly after it came out. I started it and then put it aside because it was a little hard to get into. It’s different. I picked it back up again after reading a review that made me realize I might have missed something great. While at times, I had difficulty with some of the terminology and keeping track of who was who character-wise, I loved this book. I am so glad I gave it another try. It was amazing. This is a story that has stuck with me, and I find myself still thinking of the characters and wondering what will happen to them next. I existed in that magical kingdom for several days and don’t want to leave it yet. Unfortunately, the sequel is not out until March 2015.

Ms. Hartman writes a story that is believable although I’m still not quite sure I get the “garden of grotesques”. Seraphina has visions, and she learns to manage them by keeping them all in a garden in her mind. Every time the book said she visited the garden, I kept thinking she was physically outside until she started talking to one of the characters from one of her visions and then I’d have to stop for a second and re-think what I had read. I really liked the romantic part of the story, and I loved that Seraphina decides to be truthful and speak her mind. That happens so rarely in YA stories.

If you are looking for a magical story, and you like dragons, I think you will like this book, too. I am really looking forward to March 2015.



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20140724-205255-75175978.jpgTrying to fashion a post
Quick. What do I write?
I have nothing more to boast
Nothing comes to light
We have had a quiet week
Living day to day
If excitement’s what you seek
You’d best turn away
Keeping busy at my job
Spending time at home
Feeding nature’s hungry mob
Trying to write a poem!
I watch TV, eat, sleep, read
Work on getting fit
An exciting life I lead
It’s my life! Perfect!



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