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mike ross big rig jig bm2

There are some sculptures that are so unique and visionary, they’re hard to forget. Los Angeles-based artist Mike RossBig Rig Jig is one of them. Built in 2007, “Big Rig Jig is constructed from two discarded tanker trucks. The work serves both as a sculpture and an architectural space: visitors may enter the lower truck, climb through the tankers, and emerge through a portal at the top. The rear axles of the upper tanker serve as a viewing platform, forty-two feet in the air.” We got in touch with Mike to get the story behind the mind bender.

mike ross big rig jig detail

1. What inspired you to make Big Rig Jig?
I am fascinated by power in all its forms, both raw physical force and more abstract forms of political and economic power. And even more broadly, the basic power of humanity to make its own world. The transformed tanker…

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