Donna Reads: Accidental Hero (Marriage Mistake) by Nicole Snow


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Isabel Derby is an art teacher. One of her students is a child prodigy. Natalie Eden is ten and in the eighth grade. She’s sweet, and she’s special. Her father, Brent, is broody, handsome and protective. When Izzy is stalked by a creepy guy she dated only one time, Brent comes to her rescue. He tells the persistent jerk that Izzy is his fiancé.

There was a lot going on in this story.

1. Izzy’s family was obnoxious. They were all fussed and constantly harping on the fact that Izzy wasn’t married. That was ridiculous. She was 23, not 43.

2. Teachers and students’ families weren’t supposed to fraternize. Izzy was insistent that she and Brent couldn’t see each other because her job was everything.

3. Brent used to be part of an outlaw motorcycle gang and he was ex-Army. This was hinted at off and on, but it didn’t come into play until the end.

4. Brent’s younger brother, Davey had died a number of years earlier. This is a sore point for the hero, and he won’t discuss it.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. It rambled around a bit with several subplots, but it pulled itself together at the end. I liked the tough guy hero, especially when he fell for Izzy and let her in. They truly were a team by the end with Izzy as kickass and tough as she needed to be when they faced down real danger.

Donna Reads: Harmony (the Club Girl Diaries #1) by Addison Jane


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Harmony Jones is an MC “club girl”. Most MC books don’t feature the club whores or camp followers. This book is written from the angle of the hooker with a heart of gold. Everyone loves “Harmz”. I almost passed on this one because I have a hard time with stories that feature multiple sex partners. It’s gross. That part of her life is only the first bit of the book, though. Even though there are only a few separate scenes of her with other guys, it was a little hard for me to forget that she’d been intimate with all the guys in the club. They all knew all there was to know about her. Yuck.

The story improved and picked up for the better when the hero, the President of a different chapter of the same club, arrived. Kit Cranshaw claimed her as his almost immediately upon seeing her, and he put a stop to her sleeping with anyone besides him. He didn’t want her for just sex. He wanted all of her. He wanted to get to know her and build a future with her. He wasn’t sure why at first, but he saw something special in her. She got angry when he doesn’t immediately sleep with her. I liked the relationship between the two of them. I liked him a lot.

The supporting cast of characters was an interesting mix, both Kit’s club and her original one. The tension in the story comes from the bad guys, and she is roughed-up and kidnapped a couple of times. She feels Kit lets her down and doesn’t protect her more than once. Towards the end of the story when she blindly goes off with a character who has physically mistreated her more than once, I almost threw my kindle across the room. She was supposed to be smart. No one would have gotten into a car alone with someone who hated her, someone she had never trusted, someone who had proven over and over again that he was not trustworthy. That was ridiculous.

I will continue on with the series to get the resolution of Chelsea’s story, the teaser/cliffhanger from the end of the first book.

Donna Reads: Wild Man (Dream Man #2) by Kristen Ashley


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Tess O’Hara owns a bakery. She’s a 43 year old survivor of a very bad, abusive marriage. The story opens with her making love for the first time with her 45 year old boyfriend. Jake is a bit of a mystery. After he leaves, Tess falls asleep. Shortly after, her house is swarmed by police, and she’s taken in for questioning. The questioning has to do with her drug dealing, douchebag ex-husband. The police don’t believe she isn’t part of his newest illegal activities because her name is on joint bank accounts. She finally breaks down at the station and explains why she’d have nothing to do with her ex. He’d raped her. When she says that, she hears a loud crash outside the interrogation room. The police finally let her go. On the way out of the station, she sees Jake in one of the offices and he’s wearing a badge. Her mysterious boyfriend isn’t named Jake. His name is Brock Lucas, and he’s a cop.

I liked this book and its heroine a LOT better than I’ve like KA’s heroines in the previous book in this series and in the Rock Chick series books I’ve read so far. Tess isn’t ditzy or obnoxious. Tess is sugar sweet, but she’s tough. I liked that Tess and Brock were both older. Once they got past the initial confusion of his having been undercover investigating her, and he confessed to having actual feelings for her, their dedication to one another never wavered. I liked that a lot.

The angst and danger in this story came from both of their exes and some from his family and his past. The supporting cast of friends and family were great. KA focused almost exclusively on his family and very little on Tess’s. I loved that Tess didn’t play games. She never lied. She found good in almost everyone. Brock was strong and supportive and a great family man. I loved that he was 100% Tess’s man.



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I returned to work on Thursday and made it through my short work week of two days. It felt more like two weeks! I haven’t felt overwhelming exhaustion like this since I had newborns in the house. Recovering from this infection is hard work. 

After three weeks away from my job, my ‘to do’ stack is, of course, mountainous. The urgent things got done while I was out. Everything else is waiting for me to pick back up again. It will take some time to get closer to caught up. I’m never completely caught up with everything. That’s impossible in my job. 

Right now I’m operating at nowhere near my usual level of performance. Thursday I was at about 60%. Friday I was closer to 80%. I stayed the full day both days, but I was staggering tired by the time I left. My weekend is all about resting up and recharging. It is much needed. 

I picked up my guitar again Saturday night for the first time in three weeks. I had been too sick to touch it before this. I canceled four weeks of lessons and stopped playing. I actually thought I did okay tonight. It didn’t sound entirely bad. Most of what I know and learned came right back. Newer notes and chords were harder to remember. The strings hurt my fingers again. I noticed some of the calluses and blisters I had developed peeled off while I was sick. I’ll have to build them back up again. 

I sampled something different for dinner Saturday, too. I ate a few cheese ravioli but only a trace amount of sauce. I’m starting to develop more of an appetite again, and that’s a good sign, too. 

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