Goodbye, Sweet Boy


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I’ve been offline for a few weeks and probably will stay off for awhile more. It’s been a rough few months.

We lost Chase on Wednesday. He was just 12. He was an insulin dependent kitty with pancreatitis and diabetic neuropathy in his hind legs. This week we learned he had cancer after a couple of really rough weeks.

We went to the emergency vet with him on June 9th. His blood sugar was 34. It was supposed to be @ 100. He scared the daylights out of me. After an overnight stay, he came home meowing and eating. We were hopeful.

When he retreated to lying in his cat carrier before I had a chance to put it away, we let him stay there. He came out to eat and use the box. Within a few days, he was back to not eating again.

On the 17th, I took him in to our regular vet for a full day of blood sugar reads. He wouldn’t eat for her either so she did an ultrasound and found a mass either on his pancreas or intestines.

He wasn’t eating, and when he tried, he had diarrhea or threw up. Given his diabetes and his overall declining health, we chose to say goodbye and not let him suffer or prolong his pain.

He was a GREAT cat and we miss him so much. RIP, sweet Chase.

Happy Gotcha Day, Meg and Dash


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One year ago today, mother and son came home for the first time.

Both of them had other names before they came here. Meg was originally Honey Bear. Then when the adoption group picked her up, they called her Dalai. The foster mom was calling her April. Meg’s son was called Dakin by the adoption group. The foster called him Alex.

Since I had already had a Ginger I decided to stick with a spice name. With her tan/buff color Nutmeg seemed appropriate. Her mini me son became Dash. He was (and is) a Dash of Nutmeg.

Dash fit in right away. His Mommy took a little longer. She spent a few weeks hiding under my bed, only coming out in the dead of night to eat and use the litter box. She’s still a shy kitty, and while she prefers to spend her time alone in a quiet spot, she’s a lot more sociable than she was. Dash has never been shy. He’s a character.