I could not wait for this book to come out.  I loved Divergent. It was dark, a little creepy, and I could not put it down.  I follow Veronica Roth on Goodreads and Facebook, and I enjoy reading her blog posts.  Both books (Divergent and Insurgent) are about a dystopian world. Everyone is divided into factions, and they all have their places within their communities. If you are going to read Insurgent, read Divergent first. Insurgent picks up where Divergent left off. Insurgent was also creepy, violent and fast-paced.  Its ending is a cliffhanger, and there’s a definite twist there. I enjoyed the main character, Tris, more in the first book.  I enjoyed the hero, Tobias (Four), in both books. The books are part of a planned trilogy so I am eager to see  how Roth plans to end the story.