I attended a funeral service yesterday for a premature baby.  The baby was a co-worker’s daughter.  It is always so hard to know what to say at a funeral home, and this was especially awkward for some reason.  The line going in the door was not moving very quickly, and instead of a simple, “I am so sorry for your loss”, I had to make small talk with both of the baby’s parents as I waited in line.  I usually abstain from mingling since I am not very good at making small talk. When my co-worker thanked me for coming, I found myself saying, “I’m happy to do it” or “I’m happy to be here” or some other such awful statement.  I could have shot myself.  I certainly didn’t mean I was happy because of the circumstance that brought me there.  I meant I was happy to be there in support of him and his wife.  It meant a lot to me when my co-workers showed up at my parents’ funerals. Why do these things come out of my mouth?