And, no, I don’t mean that awful book.  I am talking about hair. At age 53, I’ve started to wonder whether or not to keep dying my hair.  I used to be a brunette, but I’ve had gray in my hair since my early 20’s.  I’ve been every color possible except gray.  I see my hairdresser every 4-5 weeks now, and that’s not enough.  I often have gray at the temples or gray showing at the part long before I’m due to see her again. 

Don’t get me wrong – my hairdresser is a good friend of mine, and I truly enjoy her company but I’m tired of being a slave to color. I’m tired of having the monthly goop and foil in my hair.  My hair has become increasingly dry and straw-like.  I suspect that’s because it’s mostly gray now. I also have a few white eyelashes and more than a few white eyebrows.

I know I am no Jamie Lee Curtis, but what if I were to let it all go natural?  My husband’s hair is all gray now.  Why not me?