No one likes Mondays.  Remember that old Carpenters’ song “Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get me Down”?  I have another reason to hate the day.  For me it means a revert back to single status.  My husband is an over the road trucker.

He’s been several things since we met back in 1988.  He was selling advertising for a small local newspaper when we met.  Then he worked in computers for 20 years.  He was always a contract worker and couldn’t get hired permanently anywhere.  When the computer contract work dried up and everyone seemed to want someone younger with a degree, I suggested he get his CDL (commercial driver’s license).  He loves driving and has always driven for relaxation. A good friend suggested he make a living doing what he loved. He’s good at it, too, and he enjoys the job.

It’s just hard on the rest of us.  He’s only home roughly 34 hours on the weekends.  The rest of the week I’m a single Mom.  It gets lonely, but it’s bearable since my boys are still at home with me. 

So, happy Monday, everyone!  As for me, I’m just waitin’ on the weekend.

Hey, Eric, how’s this?  You could take the whole family along!