I had my faith in my fellow man (or shopper!) restored last evening.  I was in Wegmans picking up a few items on my way home.  As I turned to head towards the cereal aisle, some women came hurrying out of that aisle, frantically trying to find a store employee.  They grabbed a kid who was straightening items near the dairy section and told him, “Call 911.  There’s a man on the ground!”
When I looked up the cereal aisle, I saw an older man lying on his back on the floor next to a basket of groceries.  He had 2 or 3 women (other shoppers) with him.  One of the shoppers had her cell phone out and was busy dialing 911.  The store employee had run off somewhere to try to find help.  As I selected my oatmeal, I heard one of the shoppers asking the man if he could speak.  I could see his lips moving, but I could not hear what he was saying.  I figured I would only be in the way and they didn’t need me gawking so I finished my shopping.
After I checked out, I looked up the cereal aisle again.  By this time, I saw that the man was sitting up and talking, and he was surrounded by EMT’s.  When I got outside, there was a fire truck and ambulance at the curb and more EMT’s were bringing in a stretcher.
What I found curious about the whole issue was the lack of involvement of any Wegmans employees.  After the first kid ran off for help, I did not see any store employees anywhere near the man.  I thought for sure I’d see the front end manager or someone “official” trying to offer assistance or call for help. If that man’s fellow shoppers had not gotten involved, he might still be lying there. One of my first thoughts was it’s possible that store employees don’t get involved for fear of getting sued if something bad happened.  That seems wrong to me.
God bless those women who stopped to help someone in need.  I know that man probably appreciated their care and concern.