Going through friends’ and relatives’ postings on Facebook this week, I enjoyed looking at all the first day of school photos.  Time goes by way too quickly.  How did everyone’s children get so big so fast? Such handsome young men and young women in all the pictures.

One posting in particular about girls and BFFs and their mean behavior stayed with me.  I have two sons, and I have never had to deal with those kinds of girly issues.  I won’t lie – I always wanted a daughter.  I had such a wonderful relationship with my Mother that I wanted that closeness with a daughter of my own.  It was not to be, though.  I did end up with two handsome and awesome young men.

As I read Facebook and the comments about the mean girls being nasty and excluding others, I am so grateful I got to miss all that by having boys.  I went through enough girl issues when I was in school.  Not having to repeat it with daughters was a blessing. Sure, we had bully problems with the boys.  Ask Alex about the broken wrist he got when kids were chasing him in the hallway and he tripped.  Ask him about the other broken wrist he got a year later when the neighborhood bully taunted and dared him to ride his bike off of a huge ramp and jump – something he’d never done before.  Boys have a whole different set of issues – they usually hurt each other physically not mentally or emotionally.

I myself was never popular in school.  I was too tall (5′ 9″).  I was not skinny.  I wore glasses.  I was extremely shy around strangers and in most social situations.  I was never going to be cheerleader material.  I ended up with the greatest group of friends, though. The girls that I hung out with on a daily basis were not popular either.  We were all too different in one way or another.  We were not “cool”.  We had some really great times, though. We were always laughing and getting into trouble for talking too much in class. There really wasn’t any cattiness in the group.

While growing up, my BFF was always my cousin.  I still consider her my very best-est friend.  We have lived in different states for longer than we lived in the same one now.  She moved to Texas when I was 26.  She later moved to Michigan.  She has been gone for 27 years – that’s so hard to believe.  When we get together, it’s as if we had never been apart.  We pick right up where we left off.  We still laugh over the same stupid things.

Then and now (1970’s and 30 years later)

I have recently reconnected with most of my High School friends through Facebook.  I haven’t seen some of them in 30 to 35 years.  It’s wonderful to be part of their lives again – even if it’s only in a limited way.

And that closeness I treasured with my Mom?  I have that with my sons.  It’s a little different, but they are very loving and protective.  We laugh at the same things, we spend a lot of time together, and I truly enjoy having them around.  You always know where you stand with boys. Girls are nice, but I don’t need the drama.

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