Why is it when we don’t feel well we always yearn for a Mother’s touch?  Mom was the one who took care of you, soothed the hurt and made you feel better.  There is nothing like a Mother’s love and a Mother’s touch.

I did not feel well last evening, and all I could think was “I want my Mommy”.  I miss her so much sometimes.  I know realistically that if she were still alive, I would not be snuggling up beside her while she rubbed my stomach.  I am too old for that now.

I remember her cool touch.  She wore Faberge Tigress perfume when I was little.  I remember that smell, too.  Her chair in our livingroom had big wide arm rests on it – just big enough for a little girl to curl up on so she could snuggle against her Mommy.  I had a lot of tummy trouble (nervous stomach, IBS) when I was little.  I still suffer occasional bouts.  Mom would hold me and rub my tummy until I felt better.

I remember this perfume bottle/holder 
Every Christmas Dad bought her more Tigress

I missed her touch last evening when my stomach acted up.  I haven’t felt my Mother’s touch in 7 years, but I haven’t forgotten my Mother’s love.  There are many quotes about a mother’s love.  Here are some:

Mother is the bank where we deposit all our hurts and worries.
– unknown
Who ran to help me when I fell,
Or kissed the place to make it well?
….My mother. 
– Ann Taylor 
Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face 
– George Eliot, English novelist

I know I will see my Mom again some day. That type of love could never die.