OK, it’s time to stop eating like “one of the boys”.  Since Eric went out on the road full-time, Matt has taken over cooking dinner (a job his Dad used to do).  I can’t complain because it is one less thing for me to do.  Between work and homework and housework, my schedule is pretty full as it is.
If I am honest, too, when Eric was cooking it was pretty heavy fare.  He likes to use oils, cheeses, spices and sauces when he cooks. He didn’t care for cooking with just pan spray. He didn’t bake items very often either. He was great at grilling – a task neither Matt nor I have mastered. When I was successful at losing weight, I fixed my own vegetable dishes.  Guys don’t usually steam broccoli.  It just isn’t something that occurs to them – unless they are a chef or a gourmet cook.  Mine are neither.
There also is the whole gluten free issue at my house. If I eat what Matt makes, it is all gluten-free. His palate is not very broad either.  His fruit likes are apples and bananas.  His vegetable likes are corn and potatoes.  Dinner is usually a baked meat (chicken or pork) and a starch (French fries, mashed or instant potatoes, risotto). He does make gluten free pizza and gluten free mac and cheese for himself.  I don’t care for the taste of either one of those.  We have the cross-contamination worry, too.  I got scolded because my oatmeal doesn’t say “gluten free”, and I microwaved it right before Matt microwaved his gluten free donut for the morning.  It makes it hard sometimes to cook and eat what’s good for me. 
I miss WeightWatchers meetings where everyone shared food ideas.  I stopped attending meetings about a year and a half ago. I couldn’t afford it, and I wasn’t serious enough about it. WeightWatchers would, of course, sell their products at the meetings.  They’d have various snack items – bars, cookies, popcorn, etc. on sale that were low in fat and low in Point values.  The various members would chime in about similar such items they had found in Wegmans or Tops.  There were always suggestions for new things or recipes to try. Attending meetings was a good way to find ideas and get support from others.  I tried to do just their online membership, but if you aren’t going to take it seriously, it is a waste of money.
I belong to myfitnesspal online which is similar to WeightWatchers in terms of electronic tracking of meals, exercise and weight.  It’s not quite the same, though.  You don’t have that weekly public weigh-in to motivate you.  You don’t have the sense of community and group support either.  You lose that “big brother is watching you” thing, and you feel like no one cares one way or the other if you log in and post or not. 
Losing weight is not all physical.  You also have to have the right mental frame of mind and commitment to be successful.  You have to want it.  In my case, I have to approach weight loss as a lifestyle change and not just a diet.  I need to stop eating like “one of the boys” and get back to what I know I should be doing.  It’s time to stop making excuses and taking the easy way out. As someone at work told me, stop blogging and go get on the treadmill.
By the way, I rode the bike for 27 minutes and managed 2 minutes on my awful (permanently inclined and non-electric) treadmill today.  Not bad for a start.