Here’s hoping everyone has a day and a week just crammed with joy.  That’s what it said on Alex’s package of Chips Ahoy cookies this morning.  I thought it was cute enough to share. It made me smile.
Maybe I should eat more of these. It might help cheer my pessimism.  The Chocolate Chip Cookie diet … Oh, wait, I’m trying to eat healthier.  Vicious cycle, isn’t it? I could eat the cookies and smile because I’m “crammed with joy”, or I skip the cookies and feel grumpy and blue (an “Eeyore”).
I just checked the package again.  I don’t see a Trademark Registration symbol next to “Crammed with Joy”.  Maybe any chocolate chip cookie – not just this brand – will make you feel this way.  Maybe I should test that theory out more. Mmmmmmmm.