According to the lid on my Trop*A*Rocka diet Snapple, “Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.”

I was a huge Barbie fan growing up.  I think I owned most of them at one time or another.  A few years back I was in a collecting mood and started buying some vintage Barbie dolls off of eBay that I had not owned as a child. I now have a collection of Barbies in my closet.

I remember one of my first Barbies looking like this one.

This is a 1960’s era Barbie.  She had short dark hair, blue eye shadow and a thick ridge of plastic eyelashes that also looked like eyeliner.  I believe she had the non-bending legs. Ken at the time had the fuzzy, velvet-like hair.

I had a Francie doll.

I also have Live Action Barbie (yes, I still have the one I got for Christmas @ 1971).  She came with a stage that she “danced” on.  You fastened her onto the stage and flipped a switch and she wiggled and danced.  She came with a 45 rpm record that was her theme song.  She sang, “I’m happy I’m Barbie!”  It drove my family crazy because I played it so many times!

I had a Casey doll – although I can’t remember now whether I had the auburn-haired one or the blonde one.

I had a P.J. doll, but I don’t remember whether or not she was the talking one.

I had a Ken doll with the hard plastic hair. 

I had several other Barbies – too many to remember.  I even had a Joe Namath doll.  I remember the Namath doll had better clothes than the Barbie dolls! He had a leather coat with a fur collar.  The one I had kept losing his head!  He must’ve been hit too many times on the football field!

I now have a Twiggy doll, a Skipper doll and several more modern versions of Barbie. Some of the more modern ones are still in the boxes. I have never forgotten that plastic new doll smell.  It brings back Christmas morning to me so vividly.

Maybe it’s true that I will never grow up. I hope I have granddaughters some day so that I can pass the dolls along to someone who will love them as much as I did.