The Weather Channel says it’s 31 and feels like 27.  AccuWeather says it’s 33 and feels like 24.  It looks like it will be a white Christmas after all here in Rochester.  
My back yard this morning

The roads are mostly clear, but there are some icy spots on the side streets.  Eric, of course, found those with the Buick this morning when he did a “donut” in the parking lot beside his big truck when I dropped him off for work.  He heads out early Sunday morning and should be back sometime on Christmas Eve (tomorrow).
There were icy spots on the front steps and walk this morning, too, so I took care of those when I got back by spreading some salt around.  As I tossed salt out, beside me on the lawn, Seraphina sat happily munching on her Critter Crunch. The birds were happy, too. I put out some old hotdog rolls all crumbled up last evening.  This morning I put out some seed left over from our inside finch and lovebird.  Then I went out and added some wild birdfood to the feeders.  Everyone is busy filling their tummies as I write.

Seraphina Burying Food for Later
I love Winter, but it’s a hard life for little critters. I can’t imagine being a little bird or a squirrel and trying to stay warm in a storm. Some of my critters don’t seem to mind, though.  I have to practically beg Chase to come inside from the garage.  He loves to sit in the back doorway and watch the backyard birds through the screen.  I think he only comes in for the tooties (cat treats) he gets. 

Chase “working” the back door

So, as we wind on down to Christmas, stay warm, everyone.  Keep those you love close. Enjoy the snow, and don’t eat too many tooties.