Well, we’ve reached the end of another
year.  New Year’s Eve has never meant all that much to
me.  I am not a drinker so going out and partying was
never my thing.  At my age, it’s not worth feeling like
crap in the morning so I don’t bother.
I guess I get that from my Mother. 
My Dad always had an old bottle of Seagram’s in the cupboard in the
kitchen.  On New Year’s Eve, he’d mix up some 7 and 7’s
for himself and my Mother so they could have a drink while they
watched the ball drop on television.  The joke was always
that my Mother would “get drunk sniffing the bar rag”. 
She’d have a sip or two and start complaining that her arms felt
funny.  I inherited her lack of excitement about
Early on in our marriage, Eric was a mobile
disc jockey on the side so New Year’s Eve meant an evening alone
(or an evening with the kids) and no one to kiss at
midnight.  I went with him to a New Year’s Eve party at a
local hotel once, and it really wasn’t all that much fun (I wasn’t
missing out on much!).  He was busy working, and I felt
superfluous hanging out at someone else’s party.  Kind-of
like a spare part or a fish out of water.
We used to go and see
fireworks displays when the boys were younger.  When I
worked at Nixon Peabody, they opened up the
14th floor, and we got to go out onto the
rooftop balcony to watch the downtown display.  That was
fun.  It was cold, but it was a safe spot to watch the
show from.  We could also see the other displays in the
area out on the horizon. 
New Year’s Eve
Fireworks in Rochester,

In later years, we even drove to Niagara Falls a
few times to watch the fireworks that they set off on the Canadian
side.  There was usually a cold, wet spray from the Falls,
and the footing was icy. I think this picture is more breath-taking
than actually being there! It looks better from the distance – you
can see the splendor of the Falls better.

New Year’s Eve in
Niagara Falls,
2012 has just been an OK year for
us.  The high point was definitely Matt starting his first
job at Ideal Nissan on May 1st
That was one big positive for our family.  Someone finally
took a chance on him and offered him a job, and he now has
8 months’ worth of experience.
The biggest drawback of the entire year was
the usual drawback to being a trucker’s wife – too much time spent
apart and wishing we weren’t. All in all, it wasn’t a bad year,
Here’s hoping 2013
has more highlights than lowlights.  Happy New Year,