Well, I am trying out WordPress for something different. Hubby tells me if I want to host my own site someday (and I do) that using WordPress will make that transition easier. I copied everything over from Blogger, but it’s all still there in case I decide I don’t like WordPress.

This is taking some time to get used to.  I can’t do all the same things I was doing on Blogger (or I haven’t figured out HOW to do them yet).  Please check out the new site at dflorack.wordpress.com.  I also transitioned over my book review site – that is available at donnareads.wordpress.com. I like the look of that one – the background looks like a bookcase.  I am still fussing with the set up and background on the Reflections from a Middle-Aged Lady site.  I can’t find one that is close to what I had on Blogger so I am trying them out one by one to see which one fits me best.  I think that’s enough for tonight!