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I have always been the type of person to wear my heart on my sleeve.  If I amembarrased feeling something, I can’t hide it.  According to goenglish.com, to wear your heart on your sleeve means “expressing your emotions freely and openly… People who wear their heart on their sleeve do not hold back their emotions, for good or for bad. It is clear how they feel in each moment” (goenglish.com, n.d.).  It has at times been problematic, and I certainly would not make a good Poker player.

warts-and-allThoughts and feelings that I think I am keeping to myself are readily apparent to everyone around me. I am not sure if it’s a problem at home or not – you’d have to ask my family.  Perhaps because they know and love me, they accept me as I am, warts and all.

I have always been more of a pessimist than an optimist, having learned quickly how horrible it feels to get your hopes built up and then feeling crushed when what you had hoped for didn’t occur. I tend to feel it’s better to not hope for much and to wait and see. If something good happens, then you are pleasantly surprised by it.

pessimismI found an interesting article while searching for a pessimism image that talked about a study suggesting that pessimistic seniors are healthier.  According to epochsl.com, “…participants, ages 18 to 39, had largely overestimated future happiness. They suffered the most health consequences and experienced higher levels of dissatisfaction than the other groups” (epochsl.com, 2013, para. 2).  The article also says, “The researchers believe the pessimists had brighter futures because they lived more cautiously. Having greater concern about their wellbeing, pessimists in general may take more health and safety precautions than optimists. Plus, when you set your expectations low, it is easier to exceed them. When you have high or unrealistic expectations, you will be more let down if they aren’t met” (epochsl.com, 2013, para. 4).

eeyoreHa!  I knew there was a reason why my “Eeyore attitude” was a positive instead of a negative!

There are those who will wish you good morning. If it is a good morning, which I doubt” – Eeyore quote