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Meals and food in general have always been a challenge at my house.  I was a picky eater as a child.  My brother used to tease me and say, “You eat like a bird” or “Here, have some birdseed.”  When my mother used to pack my lunch for school, she’d say, “What is it today? Cheese or peanut butter?”  It never varied.  I had cheddar cheese and mayonnaise on white bread or I had creamy peanut butter on white bread.



My palate has broadened as I got older (thank goodness!).  Joining Weight Watchers helped that, too. I tried new things and discovered I liked them.

My husband will eat anything.  He also helped me stretch my boundaries some.  When he had a desk job, he used to make dinner every night.  His cooking style can be a little unorthodox.  He is known for tossing a bunch of stuff together and making a meal out of it.  Pepperoni omelet and hamburger soup come to mind, and there were others that I have chosen to forget!  Surprisingly there have been odd combinations that actually tasted pretty darned good.  Maybe it was because I didn’t have to make it!


hamburger soup

My sons are very picky eaters.  My older son would eat burgers, pizza and mac and cheese while growing up.  His only vegetables were corn and potatoes.  Then he got Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac disease and could no longer have wheat or gluten.  My younger son is Autistic and food has always been an issue with him.  You could not make him eat anything he didn’t want, and his eating style is that of a grazer.  He snacks and doesn’t eat actual meals.  We are lucky that he likes healthier choices like carrots and grapes. Everything he eats is pretty much low fat, though. He is the only one in the house who needs the extra fat and calories. When he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 11, it was difficult finding higher fat items that weren’t loaded with carbohydrates.

glutino-pizza-gluten-free-173467We spend a fair deal each week on groceries.  To satisfy the Celiac, we buy a lot of specialty food items.

smartonesturkeyTo satisfy the Weight Watcher, we buy a fair amount of fruits, vegetables and low fat items.

To satisfy (and fatten up) the grazer, we buy a stash of “junk” food.



My husband is easy to please, but he does eat like a trucker.  He gets home cooking so infrequently that leftovers are a thing of the past at my house!