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For 18 years I’ve felt a Mother’s pride in watching my kids perform on stage.  It began in 1995 when my oldest son began Kindergarten.  As is the case with public schools, there was always some sort of “performance” to attend.  It was either a play or an assembly or concert of some sort. I’d sit in the middle of a crowded cafetorium or auditorium, and my heart would swell as my child would speak, sing or play. I was always so proud and choked up, it would bring me to tears.

tromboneWith son #1, there was trombone. He began in the 4th grade, and he played in the various school bands.  He also did chorus.  Band ended (for him) in the 9th grade when he reached the High School.  Part of the requirement for being in band in our High School meant also participating in marching band.  He hated marching band.  I loved it. That first year we went to see him march and play in several parades, and I’d get choked up all over again as he marched by.  He couldn’t wait to quit.  Marching band ruined band for him.  I still remember one of the last auditorium concerts we attended where for certain parts of the song, the entire trombone section stood and swung their horns side to side as they played.  That was one of the first times I could actually “see” him from the audience.  The trombones were not usually front and center. I was so proud. I wish I had a video of that performance.

chorus20singersWith son #2, there was trumpet for a brief period of time.  He did not enjoy it, and he asked if he could quit after the first year.  The rental horn was returned, and he sang in the chorus in elementary school for a few years before giving it up. Two years ago, an astute teacher noticed that son #2, when allowed, would put in his earbuds and listen to his MP3 player.  He was often caught singing aloud along to the music he was listening to.  The teacher suggested he might enjoy High School chorus.  He spent the last two years singing – one year in Mixed Chorus and one year in Concert Choir. I was back to tearing up with pride in the audience. This year I was so thrilled when they performed both Amavolovolo and Carmina Burana.  For Amavolovolo, I so wish I had recorded the performance.  They did a dance and twirled around on the risers during the song.  For Carmina Burana, they performed both with and without the school band.  Here is a YouTube clip of one of the movements with the band – http://youtu.be/ioRgDhnQZN0.  Thanks to 1notgeorge.

Last week we attended the last chorus concert for us at the High School.  I have a video on my iPhone, but I have only been able to upload a few seconds of it.  Son #2 is in the second row from the top in the center of the shot (with the curly hair) behind the African American boy. It can be seen at http://youtu.be/fsBLDzcsfWc.

We have one more concert after this. He is supposed to sing in the choir at his own graduation ceremony.  I am not sure how that is going to work, but I will enjoy it immensely.  That will be it for us.  There will be no more.  This proud Mama will be very sad to see it all end.