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teach-old-dog-new-tricksWho says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? When I decided to go back to school, I initially picked a degree program that was fantastically dull and way too easy for me.  I had some interest in Medical Billing and Coding, but for some reason that program wasn’t offered in my area. I settled for the Medical Administrative Assistant program. I was on the verge of a layoff at work so I figured maybe I could work in a Doctor’s office somewhere.

I took two classes, and I realized it just wasn’t for me.  It was stupefyingly dull, and it was a waste of my time and intelligence – especially if I wasn’t excited about using the knowledge I was receiving.

interactive_media_pngIt didn’t take me long to ask to change my degree program.   I selected Interactive Media Design.  I wanted a challenge.  I also wanted to be able to use my creative skills – something I had longed for.  As a kid, I dreamed of being an artist, but I wasn’t quite good enough to follow that dream through.

I settled into learning about web development and web design.  There is so much to learn.  Learning coding and HTML is really like learning another language. I won’t kid you.  It hasn’t been easy.  Who knew that the code in the image below (along with a separate stylesheet file) …


… would display a page that looks like this?


I’m still learning so obviously it still could use improvement. It’s a difficult process, and I think the purpose of the INMD degree program is to give you a little taste of each Adobe Creative Suite program and other freeware programs.  You learn a little, but you are by no means a master of anything.  That comes with time, practice and experience.

Along the way I have been pushed past my comfort levels in a lot of different areas (and I don’t just mean in the public speaking class!).  I have felt incredibly stupid more than once.  I also have shouted with jubilation when I FINALLY figured out a piece of coding, and the website worked.  I have had some fantastic teachers who have taught, prodded and supported me when necessary.  Their love of teaching and sharing their knowledge has been obvious, and I have learned so much from them.

They have re-awakened my desire to learn.  This “old dog” is far from finished learning new tricks.