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My older son reminded me this morning that it was 5 years ago today that he graduated from High School.  In looking through some of the things my Mother had saved, I also found the program from my own High School graduation – June 22, 1977.  36 years ago.  Holy crap.

I thought I’d share our High School Senior pictures here.  I’m biased, but I think we are a good-looking group. It’s weird to realize that we are all roughly the same age in these photos.  It was a vastly different world in the 1970’s when Eric and I graduated.

1976 was the U.S. Bicentennial  year. The cost of a new home was $43,400.00.  The $2.00 bill was introduced (what a flop that was!). Average income was $16,000.00.  The cost of a gallon of gas was 59 cents.  Nadia Comaneci won 3 gold medals at the summer Olympics with 7 perfect scores. Apple Computer was formed.   The VHS video tape recorder was introduced.  NASA introduced the space shuttle. Jimmy Carter was elected President. Barry Manilow was popular.

Eric - 1976

Eric – 1976

1977 was the year of the New York City blackout caused by three lightning strikes. Power was out for 25 hours resulting in looting and disorder.  The cost of a new home was $49,300.00.  The average income was $15,000.00.  Cost of gas was 65 cents per gallon.  Seattle Slew became only the 10th horse to win the Triple Crown. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 25 years of reign. The World Trade Center in New York was completed. The first MRI scanner was tested.  Elvis Presley died. Rod Stewart was popular.

Donna - 1977

Donna – 1977

2008 was the year of falling house prices, failing banks and failing mortgage companies. President Bush agrees to a $150 billion stimulus package that gave us all a little extra money but didn’t do much to help the economy. The cost of a new home was $238,880.00.  Average income was $40,523.00. Gas costs $3.39 per gallon.  The Writers Strike lasts for 3 months and affects many popular TV programs.  Barack Obama was elected President. Coldplay, Amy Winehouse and Rihanna are popular.

Matt - 2008

Matt – 2008

2013 is still up in the air.  We know that the economy is still struggling.  Gas prices are averaging $3.58 per gallon.  The median annual income is $41,444.00. Average price of a new home is $206,000.00. Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Pitbull are some of the popular performers.

Alex - 2013

Alex – 2013

Looking at the state of today’s economy kind-of makes me long for the “good old days”.  We had it good and didn’t know it!