The Eye of the Grackle

Common-GrackleWith his bluish iridescent head and large yellow eye, the grackle is a striking bird.  With his raspy, grating voice, his call is unmistakable.  I always thought of him as the “rusty spring bird”.  His call to me always sounded like a spring on a porch door squeaking as the door opened or closed. I love the sound they make.

Grackles like to forage on the ground.  This fellow was the only one at the feeder yesterday, and he managed to score most of the corn that I’d put out for the squirrels.  He saw me watching from the window so I backed off to let him enjoy his meal.

common grackle 6

Here are some other grackle photos I found online. I think he looks like a smaller, more handsome crow. They are often mistaken for each other, but the grackle has a yellow eye while the crow’s eye is black.  One interesting fact I found is that the grackle can live up to 20 years in the wild.

common_grackle2 common_grackle_3 common_grackle_4 common grackle 5

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