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  1. Be cautious – Always be careful around the road. Cars whizzing by on their way to work don’t care about little squirrels running to the neighbor’s yard to bury prized peanuts;
  2. Be wary – That sound in the bushes is not another squirrel.  It’s the stupid neighbor’s cat hoping to catch an unwary bird or squirrel;
  3. squirrelpeanutBe diligent – Keep looking through the grass.  You never know what tasty treats might have been dropped;
  4. Be patient – The homeowner/food source doesn’t always realize you are out there.  If you are patient and wait like a good squirrel, she will reward you eventually;
  5. squirrelwatchBe cute – The cuter you are, the more rewards you will receive;
  6. Be noisy – If you squawk and complain, the homeowner/food source will realize that darned cat is back again and will come chase it away;
  7. seracrackerBe choosy – The saltines make a quick snack that can be eaten on the spot and don’t need to be buried.  The peanuts are worth saving for later;
  8. Be friendly – There’s enough for all – sparrows, grackles, pigeons, mourning doves, cardinals, and squirrels;
  9. Be possessive – Maybe we don’t need to include everyone.  If they get too pushy or grab too much of the food, it’s okay to tell them it’s time to hit the road; and
  10. Be happy – Life is too short. Food is plentiful. Friends are around. That homeowner/food source is interesting and talks to us a lot. It’s never too early to catch a good nap in the tree.Serasleep