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270Hubby came in at 4:00 p.m. on the 4th of July Holiday.  Then he went back out at 4:00 a.m. on July 5th (today).  Not much of a holiday, but that’s life as a trucker.   We were up at 4:00, and I dropped him off at 4:24. By 4:45 I was back home and snuggling back into bed for another few hours of sleep.  We communicate a lot by text – it’s easier, and he can have his automated assistant read the messages out loud as he drives.

Just to be flirty, I texted:  “Your side of the bed still warm.”

He:  “;-)”

Several minutes later, he texted:  “Wallet is missing.”

Now anyone who knows him well, knows he is not organized.  He is a very bright man, but he has never been organized.  One of my co-workers used to refer to him as “the absent-minded professor”.  I call most of his pre-driving routines here “the Chinese firedrill”.  He runs around, trying to gather things up, and he usually forgets something.

I texted back:  “Sigh. Was almost asleep.  Wasn’t on [in] pants.  Sid [Did] u tskr [take] it out here?”

He:  “Went through the truck did not find.  So essentially, I’m *$@%ed.  Did you look in the hamper?”

Me: Not on [in] hamper.  Look later.  Let mr [me] sleep.”

He then proceeding to call me on the phone to tell me he didn’t have “later”.  I got back up and went through the bedroom – bed, beside bed, under bed, dresser, top of dresser, all the drawers, livingroom, couch, under cushions, under couch, kitchen, all surfaces and floor, bathroom, hamper, floor, under everything, basement, his office, all through everything in the washer and dryer.  I called him back to say it wasn’t here, and he argued that yes, it was.  He expressed worry over someone using his bank card.  I went online and checked the bank account.

I texted:  “No ones touched bank account.  Don’t think anyone found it.  Look in truck again.”

Then I went back to sleep for a bit then got up and did the entire search routine all over again.

I texted: “Looking again.”

He:  “Guess we better get the card replacement taken care of today.”

Me:  “U sure its not in truck?  I wish you had gotten it or at least looked for it when I asked you TWICE yesterday.”

He:  “Last place I saw it was when I was making up my packet in the yard yesterday.  I thought I left it in the street where I usually leave it.”

Me:  “Street?”

He:  “Feet obviously.”

Me: “Left it in the feet?”

He called me to say that he meant the pocket on the back of the passenger’s seat in the truck.  He promised to do a further search when he reached Buffalo where he was delivering.

270-2A few hours later, he then called me to say, sheepishly, “Guess what I found?”  It was in the truck all along.

I texted my oldest son:  “He found his wallet UNDER THE MATTRESS in the truck.  Sigh.”

Son:  “At least it got found.”

Me:  “Yeah before I canceled his bank card.”