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IMG_NEWSomeone in my High School graduating class reposted the picture online from our 20th High School Reunion.  That 20th Reunion was 16 years ago already!  Pretty soon it will be 40 years since graduation.  Time has a way of slipping by before you know it almost. Sometimes it seems like the older you get, the faster it slips by.

Looking at that 16 year old photo, I relived again how different we all looked.  Gone was the bloom of youth.  We’d outgrown the awkward teenage years.  As we all stood there only a few years away from age 40, most of us were well-established in jobs or with families.  Some of us had kids who were close to graduation age themselves.  Some of us (like me, at the time) still had young kids at home.  We were no longer children ourselves.


Donna - 1977

Donna – 1977

I ventured on to several different Facebook pages the other night to see who was doing what now.  What struck me the most was how much everyone has changed again.  I think we all look better now!  Our faces have character. There is a certain wise-ness and a maturity that was not there 16 years ago. Everyone looks happy and relaxed. I know – people don’t usually post pictures where they look depressed, angry or upset.  We all still look pretty darned good, though.  We haven’t reached the point yet where we look back on those geeky High School photos and wish we still looked that good!

I find that the older I get, the more the “not-so-good” memories from High School fade.  I look back on the happy times we all had in that building on Lake Avenue.  I was a shy and nervous kid, but I had a group of friends who could always make me laugh.  We had a lot of fun most days.

CHSCharlotte High School was originally a one-room school house.  My class ring says 1820 on one side so I am guessing that one-room school house was built in 1820. “A school was built on the former site of a one-room school house in Charlotte in 1867. In 1907, a high school building was erected and the present Charlotte High School building was built in 1931.  Charlotte High School is housed in a five-story new art deco style building on Lake Avenue in Rochester, not far from Lake Ontario” (Wikipedia.org, 2013).

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By the waters of Ontario, beside the Genesee

In grace and quiet beauty,

Charlotte will ever be.

A beacon glowing in our lives,

An ever living flame;

We hail you, Alma Mater, we praise your noble name.

Your fame will spread across the years

If we stand firm and true,

As you enlarge our wisdom,

We grow in honor, too.

And when we go beyond your halls

Our destinies to fill,

To you, our Alma Mater, we shall be faithful still.

The Rochester City School District usually gets a bad rap, and Charlotte High School has not fared as well since we all left there, but I am proud to be a Lakesider.  It sounds cliché, but we really did have some good times all those years ago.