At the risk of TMI, I ended up at the Doctor today because I think I have an infection. FYI, why am I talking in acronyms? IDK. Probably because this stuff is gross.

While at the PCD, she poked and prodded my tummy. When I sat up, I suddenly didn’t feel so good. My BP had dropped 30 points since I had walked in. It was 110 when I arrived. OMG. She made me lie down and stay there for 10 minutes. GR8.


At first they were concerned because I appeared to have lost 20 pounds since I was last there. LOL. When I explained it was intentional, they calmed down some. IMHO I didn’t think being a Weight Watchers member was relevant.


As I lay there on the table with a wet paper towel on my forehead and a BP cuff on my arm, I have to confess I was praying. I kept thinking of hubby and thinking, “WYWH” because I sure needed a little TLC. I felt awful and was so embarrassed. They kept telling me not to worry about it – it happens all the time.

Thank God for sons. Mine left work to come follow me home and to pick up my Rx.


Now Dr. Kitty cat is lying on my lap providing all the BFF support I need. Can I feel better now?