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Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIENDSHIP.


My closest friend is …. three people.

My (first) closest friend is living in Michigan.  My dearest and oldest friend (in terms of longevity) is my cousin.  We grew up closer than sisters.  We spent countless hours together, not just because we were family, but because we truly enjoyed each other’s company.  We played together when we were small, we shared many secrets, hopes and dreams as we grew, and we hung out together when we were young adults. She moved away to follow the rest of her family (Mom and siblings) to Texas 28 years ago, and I was lost without her.  It was as if she had moved to Mars instead of Texas.  She met the man of her dreams in Texas, and he turned out to be from Michigan.  Eventually they moved North to be closer to his family.  She’s still not as close as I’d like her to be, but she is a heck of a lot closer in Michigan than she was in Texas.  We have been able to visit several times.  Every time we get together it’s as if we’d never been apart. We still laugh at the same stupid things, and we still get as silly as little kids when we are together.  There is no one more like me than she is.  We even have similar voices.

My (second) closest friend just became a Grandmother to an adorable baby girl named Carter. We have known each other a LONG time.  We met when I was pregnant with my first son 23 years ago when she joined the law firm where I was working.  She became my new boss.  She would be my boss in my next job, too.  We worked together for 12 of the 23 years we have known each other.  We made a good team.  Our children are only a few years apart in age.  I learned a lot from her experiences as a Mom, and we shared many stories, successes and heartaches as our children grew. We still get together every so often for lunch.  She is one of my most trusted friends. I value her opinion very highly. Whenever I have any major personal decisions to make, she is one of the first people I will ask what she thinks. Her advice is always genuine, helpful and caring. She is the one who suggested I start blogging.  Her ideas are always good ones.

My (third) closest friend is a coupon/rebate addict. I met this dear friend at my last job.  She is one of the happiest people I know.  She always has a smile in her voice and on her face.  I love that she is always looking for a bargain.  She has been known to buy things that she doesn’t need just because she can either get them for free or get a huge deal on them.  She puts together goodie bags or baskets for family and friends.  She gives items to various organizations in need.  She also shares the rebate coupons with friends and family.  A few years ago, she re-opened my eyes to the beauty of the garden.  My Mother always had flowers in her yard, and I grew up surrounded by plants.  For many years, I “forgot” about gardening.  There simply wasn’t enough time when my kids were little. This friend of mine shared many of the plants and flowers she had growing in her yard.  Each morning she’d come in to work with a bag full of things she’d divided and dug up out of her yard and wanted to share with me.  Many of the things I have growing in my yard now came from her yard originally. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know.

My closest friend comes in three unique and wonderful different packages.