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I have had a lot on my (alleged) mind lately.  Worry has kicked into overdrive.  In concert with the worrying, I’ve been doing that mindless eating thing again.

Weight-Gain-PillsI gained 3.6 pounds last week.  It’s a good thing my Weight Watchers’ leader didn’t ask me if I knew what I was doing wrong. I would have had to answer that I’d been eating whatever the heck I wanted to and in massive quantities!

jobhuntI’ve been a little stressed out over son #1 getting laid off from his job, and son #2 not really liking the summer work-study program he’s attending. To son #2’s credit, he’s stuck with the program he doesn’t like, and he’s in the 4th week of a 6 week program. Now I just have to get son #1 moving again.  Finding something you want to do, and then selling yourself to strangers sucks.

I’ve also been a little stressed out over the new college’s admission process.  There’s been paperwork, loan counseling, transcripts to be requested and received, interviews with advisors and administrators, decisions on degree programs and lots of phone calls and e-mails back and forth.  I’d forgotten what a pain in the backside it is to get started.

18th-birthdayI’m also ruminating over the fact that my “baby” turns 18 tomorrow.  I’m not stressed over that, but it’s mind-boggling to realize that he’s an adult now.  He no longer needs my permission to do anything.  Maybe I am a little worried that I will be cut out of the picture altogether.  He’s not as forthcoming as his brother is.  He doesn’t share as much with me.

For now I will continue trying to quiet my mind.  Then I will work on shutting off that mindless eating thing.  I have faith that things will work out.  They always do.