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Anachronism (noun): an error in chronology; a person or thing that’s chronologically out of place. Write a story in which a person or thing is out of place, or recount a time when you felt out of place.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ANACHRONISM.


Feeling out of place is something I do on a regular basis.  I think it has a lot to do with my natural reserve.  In my school years I often wore handmade clothes.  My Mother loved to sew, and we never had a lot of money so I wore dresses, blouses and slacks that she made for me.  I sometimes dressed like I came from another time.  A lot of the handmade items were prettier than store-bought, and I was fine with it until High School.  When the name brand jeans became a fad, and everyone was wearing Jordache or Gloria Vanderbilt, I was definitely a fish out of water with my hand-sewn slacks with the patchwork pockets.  They were comfortable, and I thought they were cute, but I took a ribbing over those pants.  I remember one of the “mean” girls following me to my locker and laughing loudly over my pants.  I wanted to die. If I could have gone back to the 1950’s, I think I would have at that moment.

one of my hand-made outfits

one of my hand-made outfits

a hand-crocheted top

a hand-crocheted top

When I got older, I used to go out on Friday nights with friends.  I often felt out of place.  We’d go to bars, hoping to meet that special someone.  Unfortunately, like most bars, unless you are outgoing, no one is “going out” of their way to meet you.  I sat there so hopeful, waiting for someone to realize I was pretty and funny and had a lot to offer.  No one wanted the wallflower. I think in all the years of going out, I got asked to dance ONCE. I hated going to those bars.  The only time I enjoyed myself was when there was a band worth watching.  We saw Huey Lewis and the News when they were just starting out.  They played the Penny Arcade.  I always knew I would never meet my soul mate at a bar, though.  I was prepared to be the spinster with a houseful of dogs to keep me company.

I wrote Huey Lewis a "fan" letter, and here is the postcard he sent back October 4, 1982

I wrote Huey Lewis a “fan” letter, and here is the postcard he sent back October 4, 1982

IMG_0001TILogoThere was also the time I thought that I would try to do something about my shyness and public speaking skills. I went to a Toastmaster’s meeting. People were getting up and giving speeches. There were folks in the audience who counted the number of “ummmm’s” and kept track of the distracting habits – fidgeting, hair twirling, and ring twisting.  Then they went around the table and asked the guests to introduce themselves and say a little bit about themselves.  When they got to me, I froze.  I declined to introduce myself!  I never went back again I was so mortified. Public speaking of any sort was not for me. I had to push myself to greet people publicly at work in my Human Resources job.  I often wished I could be a stay-at-home Mom instead.  That is all I ever aspired to be.

As the years passed, I got better at fitting in in public settings.  Greeting interviewees as part of my HR job taught me they were more nervous than I was.  Having a child with disabilities also helped me to grow in many ways.  He could not speak for himself so I became his advocate.  I learned rather quickly that if he was to get the services and assistance that he needed that I had to be the one to speak up on his behalf.  I was often asked to speak at meetings. It got easier as time went on.

There are still times when I don’t fit in, but that’s okay.  I’ve learned to accept myself as I am, and I don’t care as much as I used to what others think.

[I just noticed the coincidence – I mentioned Huey Lewis and the News in my post.  He had a bit part in the movie Back to the Future (the title of the Daily Prompt), and he also sang “The Power of Love” which was on the Back to the Future soundtrack.]