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versatile bloggerwordpress awardThanks for the award nomination, Bee, at my Un-Puzzled Heart!  I am honored and touched to receive this nomination.  It was very thoughtful of you to think of me. I am pleased and proud to be part of the WordPress family.

If there’s one thing I pride myself (and my Blog) on, it’s versatility.  I try hard to be unique and original.  I know there are other bloggers who write about their meanderings, ramblings, thoughts, musings, reflections, observations and daily lives.  I’m not unique there. I also know there are other photographic blogs that are much better done than my own.  I photograph what strikes me as beautiful, using mostly my iPhone.  I dream of some day owning an expensive camera. Other Moms and Wives write about their families, trials, tribulations and lives.  I have a different perspective, having kids with ADHD, Type 1 Diabetes, Autism and Celiac disease.  Others deal with worse, though, on a daily basis. I am sure there are other trucker’s wives who blog about their daily routines and sacrifices.  There are also nature blogs and cute animal-themed blogs.  I try to do a little bit of all of the above.  When I started, I was encouraged to find my “niche”.  I don’t really have one. I think I have several.  I write about or post photos of whatever is foremost on my mind.  I put it out there for everyone else to share, too.  If others like it, I am thrilled.  If not, it’s okay, too.  Receiving award nominations is fun.  It shows me that someone likes what I do.  Thanks, again, Bee!

As part of the reward requirements, I was asked to list seven interesting things about myself.  Here goes:

1)      I owned 5 brand new cars in 8 years (3 of them Pontiac Firebirds) when I was single;

2)      I played guitar and took lessons for 2 years, and I also took piano lessons;

3)      I got my first tattoo at age 50 and the second one at age 53;

4)      I didn’t get my Driver’s License until I was 21;

5)      I’ve worked in a secretarial/administrative position for 35 years;

6)      I started working on my first college degree at age 51;

7)      I have had 3 dogs and 6 cats in my lifetime (to-date); and

8)      Every one of the interesting things above has a number in it!! How did that happen?

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the same awards (shown above). I apologize if they have received them before. I have only been on WordPress for 3 months now and on Blogger before that.  I recognize these bloggers for their unique, interesting, beautiful, inspirational, entertaining and awesome blogs.

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