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Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us REFLECTIONS.

20130806-065744.jpgWhat does my blog say about me?  A first glance at my blog reveals that I like wildlife – a lot.  From the heron in the header to the frequent posts about my “pet” squirrel, it’s obvious that I have a soft spot for animals.  The common animal theme tells me that in a lot of instances I prefer animals over people (they certainly are easier to be around sometimes).

My blog’s name Heron There & Everywhere is a play on the phrase “here, there and everywhere” which alludes to the fact that I post a little bit of everything.  I’m all over the place.  This quirky title tells me that I am not as serious as I seem sometimes.  There’s a bit of “goofy” inside me.

My theme is a customized Chateau theme, and the customization hints at my evolving web design skills.  I have customized the colors, the header and the font.  The colors chosen for my blog are soft and pretty and pleasing to the eye.  I like things soft, soothing, girly and feminine.

cropped-155494-20130513I added the heron to the header because I thought he fit the color scheme I had in mind very well, and herons are my “thing”.  The design is a work in progress. As I get the time and the inclination, I have been tweaking things here and there to make use of my design skills. I’m not afraid to play around with the design either.  I add things and then take them back out if they don’t work or I don’t care for them. This tells me that I myself am evolving.  I am eager to learn and try new things. I like to push myself to learn more all the time.

The design itself is pretty simple – just two columns – one for the posts and the other for additional information.  I prefer to let the photographs and the content speak for themselves.  I try not to let the layout get too busy – that’s why I didn’t add a pattern to the background.  This tells me I am organized and a little bit of a perfectionist.  

My bio has been recently re-done – also a work in progress. I tried to explain the reason behind my blog and why I post about what I do. My bio tells people what to expect.  With me, you usually know what you are getting.  Hubby may tell you that I am a complicated woman, but I am usually honest and straightforward when dealing with others.

i_love_blogging-787805My blog says I am a happily married wife and mother to two wonderful young men.  I am pretty proud of my sons. My hubby is a trucker, and though it breaks my heart that we spend so much time apart, we make it work. I love to garden and feed the wildlife in my yard.  Most of all my blog says “I love blogging.”