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Well, two new things today.

dlf8-17-13First was a new haircut.  Very short.  I like my hair short. It just takes me a while to get used to seeing so much “face” when I look in the mirror.  It’s easier to manage short hair (easier to hide the gray and the thinning parts).

Second was a new laptop.  I’m currently minus a desktop computer. It’s still sitting at my boss’s house (don’t ask!!) waiting for a new power supply to come in.  Hopefully that will get it up and running again.  I’m using an old IBM Thinkpad laptop that I bought used a couple of years ago.  Lately, it keeps telling me “fan error” every time I try to turn it on. It takes a lot of praying and fiddling around to get it to come to life.  Frankly, I don’t trust it, and I don’t want to be computer-less. I know it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I am pretty tied to my computer at the moment.  Without it, I’d be lost.  I picked up a used Dell Latitude D630 laptop today.  It has twice the hard drive, twice the memory, twice the USB ports.  My IBM runs XP with Open Office for software.  The new one has Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007 (not the latest and greatest, but it is easier to use than Open Office).  Open Office will get you by; it’s just a pain in the backside when you try to share documents between computers.  You have to remember to save it in the right format.  Here’s a picture of the old laptop on the right and the new one on the left (yes, that’s a bag of Hershey’s candy in between them.  This user is fueled by chocolate!).


So here’s to hoping the new computer is reliable and does all I ask it to. I think it’s time to give the Thinkpad a rest.  It was only meant to be an emergency fall-back machine.  It’s had to work pretty hard the past few weeks. The new laptop should get quite the workout, too.  If the desktop takes a while to repair, the D630 and I are going to become BFF’s in a short amount of time!