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After weeks of waiting, Wegmans finally has Hostess products back in their regular spot on the shelves in their cookie aisle. There were Ho Ho’s, cupcakes and Donettes. I bought the powdered sugar Donettes for Alex and the Ho Ho’s for me. I had heard rumors that the recipe or formulation was different so I wasn’t real hopeful.

I tried one of the Donettes first. Yuck. It was pretty dry and tasteless. The sugar is sweet; the rest of the donut is like sawdust. On to the Ho Ho’s.

The box looks the same. As soon as I opened the wrapped Ho Ho, I could see and smell the difference. The rich darker color is gone. The rich chocolatey smell is gone. They look and smell more like Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. They also taste more like Little Debbie products. To me it’s a fake chocolate flavor not the richer Hostess taste.

I am disappointed, Apollo Global Management.