Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CLEVER.

lucilleballLaughter has always been a big part of my life.  When I was growing up, my Mom usually had something funny on television, and we were always laughing.  She particularly enjoyed British humor (Monty Python, etc.), but I also remember watching I Love Lucy and other American comedies.  I can remember sitting up late with her during the summers and watching the Johnny Carson show – he always had comedians or funny bits on his late night talk show. I always thought my Dad had a darker sense of humor, but now when I quote some silly remark or line I remember from my childhood, it’s usually something goofy my Dad said.  He would mispronounce things on purpose or make up funny words.

Gramma and me

Gramma and me

My Gramma was a funny lady, too.  Her humor could be a little on the gross side.  I’m not sure I can repeat here some of the wacky things she said or did!

me and Charlotte

me and Charlotte

My cousin and I spent most of our time together laughing ourselves silly.  We’d laugh so hard we cried.  I grew up in a family that laughed a lot.

I have used humor and laughter to get through some of the rough spots in life.  I had two major surgeries within an 8 month span a few years back, and I had a lot of pain prior to the surgery.  I spent many sleepless nights alone in my living room, watching some slapstick program on the television to take my mind off of my problems.  I still rely on humor to get me through the hard parts in life.


I used to think I was laugh-out-loud funny, but I think the older I get, the quieter the humor becomes.  I have more of a dry sense of humor these days, and I can be sarcastic but never mean.  I can say something I know is way off the wall, and people will think I’m serious.  I have to explain it a lot of times (even to Hubby); unfortunately, when that happens, the joke kind-of loses something in the translation. I still prefer funny programs, funny movies and books that are amusing or at least have a light-hearted ending. There is so much drama in day-to-day life, I don’t need it in my entertainment, too.

My three guys - Alex, Matt and Eric

My three guys – Alex, Matt and Eric

The funniest people I personally know are my sons.  My older son was the class clown at school.  He used humor to get him through the day and to help him fit in. When I attended one of his school programs where parents were invited to spend the day, I was pleased to see the kids gather around him and practically beg him to say something funny.  His humor wasn’t as popular with some of the (stuffier) teachers, but I think that was their loss.  His humor is louder, more boisterous and slapstick.  My younger son has a dry, quick wit.  His voice is very low and sometimes monotone. He will sneak in zingers that crack both his brother and me up.  His quips come clear out of the blue (we never expect them), and they usually are extremely clever.  He is fast that way.

Then, of course, there are our pets.  They are always good for a giggle or two with their antics.  I am pleased to say that I still live in a house that laughs a lot.

Chase under the chair cover

Chase under the chair cover

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