Tightrope Walker

Hee hee hee. Sorry for the blur. She was walking on her hind legs on the railing. They were a rowdy bunch this morning – 3 of them chasing each other around and back and forth across our roof and up and down the tree.

5 thoughts on “Tightrope Walker

    1. Yep, she visits several times per day and shares her silliness with my sons, too. My youngest son (who grumbles when I eagerly jump up to take her picture) was feeding her the other day. He went out to get the mail, and she followed him back up to the house and got onto the railing to beg. Even he couldn’t resist her charm.


    1. I think so. My favorite is when she hangs from her toenails to grab the corn bungee we have set up in the tree. She won’t jump up from the ground to get it. She goes up the tree and hangs by her toes and reaches waaaaay out to snag it. That’s what left of the bungee (in the picture over her head, in the background). It was a full-sized corn-cob like treat.


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