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I’m stretched a little thinner than I want to be now that school has started back up again. I am taking my second-to-last class – English 250 or Research and Writing II. It’s all about Technical Communications or writing for a business setting – something I do on a daily basis. So far, so good. It just leaves less time for blogging 😦 or anything fun for that matter!

I bought a cheap little 8x Telephoto lens the other day for my iPhone on Amazon. It sounded like a good idea, and like I said, it was cheap. It came with a little tripod which isn’t much good unless you want to take photos of something close to the ground or something you could catch from a table top.

I took the handheld pictures below of the Chickadees at the feeder. They are very quick so it’s hard to catch them and not get a blurry picture. I used my PS Express app to crop and sharpen the photos a little. I thought they were cute. (The last photo, in particular, is fuzzy, but I wanted to show everyone that I do fill the feeder on a regular basis!)

I learned something about Chickadees when doing research on them.  They only eat one at a time – the dominant bird will eat first, and when he is done, the other bird(s) will eat (one at a time).  It’s true. One will come and grab a few seeds, and then he will fly up into the tree. Once he lands, a different bird will come down to eat.  They are nothing like the pushing and shoving free-for-all that goes on when the sparrows eat.  I will post some wacky sparrow pictures soon.