Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.
Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERSPECTIVE.

Hurry hurry scurry. I was asked by the nice lady who lives in the gray box surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers to write this post.

Scamper scamper clamber. Watch out for those horrible noisy scary things. The lady calls them “cars”. She always tells me to “be careful around the road” and to “watch for cars”. The cars run over little critters. I will cross the road.

Cross cross clatter. I like the sound of my toenails on the road. The road helps wear my toenails down.

Run run jump. Up through the soft green grass. Tee hee hee. That tickles my toesies. Look out for that awful cat who hides in the bushes. No cat. Good.
Sniff sniff snuffle. Nope. Nothing left here. Those pigeons were here again. I can smell them. They eat everything that’s not nailed down. Ah, there’s a sunflower seed. Yummy. I’ll sit up and look around a little.

Peer turn peer. Nope, no lady. Let’s check the feeders. Maybe she put out some goodies.

Climb scramble climb. There’s a seed or two left. The birds have been busy. Looks like the sparrows left a little bit of suet, too. Hmmm.

Munch munch crunch. Not enough to fill a squirrely belly, though. Where’s the lady? Guess I’ll have to find her.

Slide slide jump. Still no cat. Good. Okay, over to the sidewalk. No lady.

Climb jump climb. Flower pots. Aren’t they pretty? She put those here for me. They help me climb up.

Hop hop climb. Is she here? No lady. Okay, onto the railing.

Jump jump scramble. Lady? Lady? Hmmmm. I hear her. She’s inside the box. Lady? Lady? I heard someone say, “Mom, there’s a squirrel on the railing.” Her name must be “Mom”. Oh! There she is. Hi, lady.

Pose pose beg. She’s got the camera again. Hi, lady. Peanuts? Peanuts? Peanuts?

Beg beg sigh. Okay, lady, peanuts? Oh, she said “just a minute”. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Peanuts. Peanuts. Peanuts. Here she comes!

Jump jump run. Okay, lady, here I am. Oh, there she tossed me one! Oh, there she tossed some more! I love you, Mom!

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