How Did That Happen?

Definitely something in the air
Got up this morning and everything was there
Working on homework and the power failed
One minute it was there and the next it had bailed
How did that happen?

BSClessonLost part of my homework assignment
Logged back in, rewrote most with some refinement
Saved document and managed to finish work
Power failed again, electricity has a quirk
How did that happen?

Couldn’t get custom ringtones on phone
All my family members have their own tone
Went into settings and found the issue
“Me” was now Hubby; that’s an iOS miscue
How did that happen?

Showered and dried my hair and it looked funny
Did a do-over to look nice for my honey
Turned dryer on and it would only blow on “low”
It suddenly on its own switched to “high” flow
How did that happen?

Perhaps I should just quit something is insisting
It might be better than persisting
Electronics seem to be working against me today
I did manage this poem before things went astray
How did that happen?

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