Precious moments in time that we can’t get back
Our perceptions and thoughts so out of whack
Too much time moaning over nothing
All the hours we spend self-recriminating

We are our own worst enemy
Those doubts should be kept in brevity
Our self-worth reels from the damage doubts bring
We let negative thoughts be our king

Would we be as harsh to a stranger?
We treat ourselves with such danger
Our inner child curls up cringing
At our mean inner voice and its infringing

We could stop and take a moment to reassess
And give ourselves a break from the stress
Would it be so hard to be kind, thoughtful, and loving
To the inner “us” who could use some hugging?

If we don’t love ourselves, who will?
Enough already with the negative swill!
Give yourself a little praising
And your spirits you will be raising

You are worth it.

Image from Pinterest