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Gazing this morning at Orion’s belt
It was amazing how miniscule I felt
It was my brother who taught me to love the stars
He also passed along his thing for cars

My brother had a telescope for years
The beauty in the heavens moved me to tears
He taught me the names of the constellations
Who knew the stars had such appellations?

He showed me the Pleiades or seven sisters
I often wondered if those girls had “misters”
There was also Cassiopeia’s chair
Why is it empty? Is she not there?

I’ve seen the Big Dipper many times
It’s sometimes easier creating rhymes
Than it is to find the Little Dipper, too
The stars in Ursa Minor are hard to view

My favorite has long been Orion the Hunter
I like the winter sky, can I be any blunter?
Tolkien called him “the Swordsman in the Sky”
I just think Orion’s a really cool guy

I thank my brother for showing me the heavens
Without them I would be “at sixes and sevens”
Stars give me a feeling of peace and of calm
To my poor searching soul, they are a balm