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13625328***Thank you, NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group – Alibi, for providing me with a copy for review.***

The Last Clinic by Gary Gusick was a murder mystery starring female detective, Darla Cavannah. Darla lives in Jackson, MS. She’s from Philadelphia originally, and she’s recently widowed. Her husband was a local hero and former NFL football player. I liked how the book began, and I liked Darla. She was smart and tough, but she also had a vulnerable side as she’s still dealing with her grief over her husband’s passing. The mystery part of the story is the murder of a local preacher who’s also a religious zealot.

The story lost me when the author decided to give Darla a love life. It was too fast, and it was unbelievable. As I read it, I wondered why she suddenly changed from someone who was tough and had morals into someone who was needy and sleazy. It was a far-fetched romance. I also did not care for Darla’s police partner – the Elvis impersonator. I kept hoping at one point in the story that he’d get shot and they’d get rid of his character. He added nothing to the story line for me. If the author had shown the reason why this guy was such an idiot or let us see his other side, the character might have been more interesting. I found myself hoping at one point that he’d solve the mystery, and he’d ask for Darla’s help and they’d work together as a team. I wanted his character to surprise hers.

I liked the book until the so-called romance entered in. I would have preferred it if it had just stayed an attraction and a flirtation. It didn’t have to go farther than that. The murder mystery part of the story was interesting; the character development was not.

One thought on “A Review: The Last Clinic: A Darla Cavannah Mystery

  1. Gary Gusick says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read and review The Last Clinic. This is the first book in the Darla Cavannah mystery series, and I’m very interested in learning how readers respond to my efforts.
    Again, thanks.
    Gary Gusick author at


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