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This little piggy went to market

To buy food for my family for the week

If I could find a spot for the car, I’d park it

Nutritious items are what I seek


Other piggies roam through the store

Some with piglets and mates beside them

Pushing carts as they search for more

They wander with their lists to guide them


A dizzying array of products to choose from

The piggies swarm through the aisles

Searching and dreaming of meals to come

Their finds fill the carts in untidy piles


The market is a meeting place for friends

The piggies stop and gossip and chin-wag

How long they visit often depends

On others trying to pay for their swag


I just want to shop and pay for my stuff

I long to be done and no longer roam

This little piggie has had more than enough

Hurry up cashier, it’s time to go home