Almost Over

The end finally in sight
I feel nothing but delight
Homework a part of my past
I will be free at long last

Three years chasing a degree
Study and hard work for me
Pushed farther than possible
Perfection is probable

A 4.0 GPA
I have to brag I must say
Exit interview tonight
Feel sad yet blissful delight

Just capstone class to complete
Then education replete
I will be an alumni
Time for me to say goodbye

14 thoughts on “Almost Over

    1. I would like time to practice what I learned in school. My degree is in Interactive Media Design (web design), but I’ve been so busy with classes I’ve had little time to actually work on web pages. I also am hoping to try my hand at writing a children’s book. I’ve got a draft going, but of course, I think it’s not good enough (I’m my own worst critic!).


  1. Congratulations. That’s amazing – what did you study? And please can you explain what 4.0 GPA means – I realise it stands for grade point average but I’ve never had a clue how it’s calculated or what is good or what is bad (though I’m guessing 4 is good!) I also thought this was a high school rather than degree thing. Please excuse my ignorance and feel free to ask me questions about the queer UK education system! x


    1. I studied Interactive Media Design (web design). I waited 33 years to try for a college degree. After High School, I went right to work as a clerk typist. At age 51, I finally realized I wanted to try for a degree. I’ve done it all online (online is much harder than actual on-campus classes). It’s a lot more intense and self-directed. You have to be very organized and dedicated. 4.0 GPA means perfect marks or straight A’s. I decided if I was going to do it, I was going to do it the very best that I could. It’s a college degree – an Associates’ degree (or a 2 year degree). It took me 3 years online since I work full-time, too.


      1. Wow. I’m hugely impressed. Well done! What determination…

        What’s next? Will this mean a change of job? I think studying alongside work is hard but it makes you focus and you don’t waste time like full time students often do. That’s what I’ve found in any case. I said I’d never study again once I finished uni but I’m just finishing up my PhD now 😉


      2. Wow!  That’s great – you’ll be “Dr. Pooky”.   I don’t know what it means next for me.  I don’t really want to switch careers. I was hoping I could do web design on the side and maybe eventually use it to supplement my income during retirement, but we’ll see how it works out. Never say never.


      3. Never say never indeed. I think it you are open to opportunities then sometimes interesting ones arise. It’s a great skill to have though.

        Yes I will be Dr Pooky and I will make folk call me Dr all the time as it’s felt hard one. PhD alongside full time work and bringing up two kids (to be fair, they didn’t feature when I started) has been a bit of a plod!


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