Sands of Time

When you are small, you want to be big
You dream of driving a car
When you are young, you’ve much to learn
You don’t realize how good you have it
When there are no responsibilities and burdens
You have dreams to dream and fun to have
When your biggest decision is which doll to choose
Your imagination rules the day
When you play, the sky’s the limit
You can be anything you want
When you’re an adult, your dreams change
You have to be mature and be in charge
No longer small, I dream of young
No longer young, I dream of little
When you are grown, you miss playing
You would gladly go back again

fun in the sun

2 thoughts on “Sands of Time

  1. For me, one of the greatest joys of being a parent is that I get to be young again – I constantly get to see the world through three year old eyes. That’s a lot of fun.


    1. I had that experience, too, but it was many years ago now. My “babies” are 18 and 22. Enjoy those years while you have them. They pass faster than you’d think possible. I miss them.


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