She spends her week nights alone
A truck driver’s wife
So much time on her own
Not what she wanted from life

No nights spent apart for years upon years
It was gone in a flash
She cried buckets of tears
He needed a job, they needed the cash

Now he drives for a living
She works a desk job
Time passes by unforgiving
Life on the road, the years it does rob

Far from his family, he misses her, too
Days and nights in his truck
He keeps moving on, his job he must do
Time home on the weekends is left up to luck

12 thoughts on “Alone

  1. This sounds difficult to contend with. Beautifully expressed (and presumably you’d not have been able to study for your GPA 4.0 if you’d have had lots more time together…)


    1. It could be worse, I suppose. When he started, he was gone for 6 weeks and didn’t come home during that time. That was bad. Now he’s home 34 hours every weekend. It’s not much, but we do get to see each other.


      1. Oh wow. That would be hard. It is good that you get a little more time together. With things the way they are in the world right now I guess if you have any job at all you need to be thankful. You are a strong woman.


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