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My apologies to Andra over at http://andrawatkins.com/.  She’s been writing a series on the worst things about being married to an architect.  It got me to thinking about being married to a trucker.  I decided to come up with a list of some of the BEST things about being married to a trucker. Here’s the first one.

Truckers are big-hearted.  Maybe it’s just my guy, but one thing I witnessed him doing recently really touched my heart.

As most of you know, I have to pick him up every weekend.  A few weekends ago, he had me meet him at the yard (where they park the trucks and where the company’s office is located). We dealt with his paycheck, and then he had me follow him back to where we live (approximately an hour away from the yard).  He sometimes parks the truck a few miles from our house at a truck stop.

To get home, we passed through a couple of small towns.  As we went up the main drag of one of the small towns, I was right behind him.  He suddenly gave a couple of blasts on the truck’s horn. I thought it was unusual for him to do that in a town and I wondered if there was something in front of him or if he was trying to signal me somehow.

I looked to the left and noticed a young man, obviously severely disabled, sitting in a wheelchair on a front lawn outside one of the houses.  He was so delighted to hear the truck’s horn and to get a “hello” from a trucker.  He was waving and gesturing back as he grinned from ear to ear.

When I asked Hubby about it later, he told me that the young man is usually out there, and he always says “hi” to him.  He seemed to think it was no big deal, but it touched me that he’d make someone’s day like that, especially when it was someone that most folks would ignore because they were uncomfortable with the disability and would not stop to see the person inside.