The Best Things About Being Married to a Trucker #2

One of the greatest things about being married to a trucker is their sense of style (said with tongue firmly in cheek).  I love the freedom that truckers have to wear pretty much what they want (if they don’t work for a company that requires uniforms). My Hubby wears jeans, work boots, t-shirts and a ball cap.  I wish I could be that casual every day.

In past jobs, I worked with guys who wore three-piece suits, and I always liked that formal look.  When I met Hubby, he was selling advertising.  He was dressed in used clothing from a consignment-type shop.  He was never a clothes horse, and he was always a little out of fashion. I did upgrade him to new jeans and t-shirts when we got serious about each other. He has fit right in as a truck driver since he never did like dressing up very much.

At one time he had a mullet-type hair style with his hair long in the back (longer than mine).  One day it occurred to me how much his “style” appealed to me when I saw a stranger on the street and thought he was handsome.  Looking closer, I realized he was dressed in jeans, t-shirt and was wearing a ball cap and had a mullet. What happened to my preferring that clean-cut formal look?

Hubby also sports a full beard these days, and his whiskers are gray now.  Last year in Wal-Mart a little kid in a shopping cart looked at him and said, “Santa!” He didn’t mind; he laughed.  He usually ends up talking to little kids most places we go. He enjoys trying to make them smile. He’s friendly that way.

Yes, my guy smells like diesel fuel, and his shirts and pants often have grease from the trailers on them.  Truckers may not win any fashion awards.  They dress for the weather and for comfort.  I envy them that they can wear what they want. There’s a freedom there that those of us who work in an office don’t have.

Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul.  ~Mark Twain

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