Betty and Chuck

Sixty-eight years ago today
My parents stood up to say
I love you only and will forever
They are now in Heaven together
They met on Halloween night
Dad told us that Mom was a fright
Joked that she flew by on her broom
We knew that was a lie and assume
They both fell in love at first sight
In each other they took such delight
41 years together in life
For eternity husband and wife

Mom and Dad

I miss you, Mom and Dad
Happy Anniversary

I also find it interesting that I found this video on the Bing homepage today.  The song is called “Our Wedding Day”.  I think that was a nod to me from my parents.  It’s nice to know they are still there.

4 thoughts on “Betty and Chuck

  1. So very beautiful, Donna. Thank you for sharing their story.

    Hey..I saw in my iPhone that you had emailed, but when I got to my computer, it was not longer there. Would you be able to resend your letter, I hope. I am so sorry! I was so excited to receive it, but have no idea where I made it go!


    1. I’ll resend it. ;). That poem about my parents woke me at 7:00 this morning, asking to be written. I jotted it on the notepad in my phone and went back to sleep. Then I got up and found that video and song on the bing homepage.


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