Spending hours on the phone with tech support
Made me desperately want to resort
To tossing my iPhone across the room
Where the pieces and parts would go ka-boom
It would suddenly cancel in mid-sync
What did the Apple community think?
They suggest do a full system restore
I backed up and tried to do that and more
The sync was still stuck, the apps were all black
Couldn’t get full functionality back
Spending time with hubby’s road weary Droid
As I waited on hold and got annoyed
Made me wonder why I preferred Apple
My iPhone 4S had turned to crap-ple
It took two days to make it work again
iTunes had to be uninstalled and then
It got put back on and still did not work
I wanted to scream and rant, “you jerk!”
I stayed patient and worked on it non-stop
Built a new library on the desk top
It is working now after the rebuild
Told DO NOT SYNC by the Apple tech guild!

5 thoughts on “Huh?

    1. I did the upgrade the day it came out. I’m on version 7.0.4 now – there was another upgrade yesterday. I’m not sure if it was that or not, but I realized it was not finishing the sync every time it sync’ed. It just kept canceling itself. I did a full restore, and when I tried to re-download all the apps, it hung up while sync-ing again. I had apps that wouldn’t open, I couldn’t delete, and they were just stuck. They had me uninstall and reinstall iTunes, and it has to be done in a very specific order. It still kept canceling the sync. Then they had me rebuild the library and re-download the apps to the new library – that took over an hour. It’s finally almost back to where it was, and a senior Apple tech advisor told me I don’t need to sync. You only need to do it if you have things on the phone you want to transfer to the computer. She recommended I don’t do it again. That’s crazy to me, but I’ll follow her advice. I don’t want to go through that again!


      1. Ugh!!! I am so not techie!! Now I am not sure if I should or not. On a happier note….I dropped my iPhone 5 in water today, and it still works fine!!! Not one thing wrong with it! It is a miracle. God is so good! In in matters of iPhones!!


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