20131119-121040.jpgI didn’t mean to knock it on the ground
Look at the sunflower seed all around
I was trying to get a tasty snack
Let me help you, I can put it all back
That feeder is a bit heavy for me
I believe that’s why it fell from the tree
Are you certain that you closed it up tight?
I touched it. It fell. I got such a fright.
You sighed and just asked me, “did you do that?”
I could lie and blame it all on that cat
But this squirrel is honest and forthright
If you want me to, I can act contrite
I would rather come grab the peanuts there
With my welfare you do take such good care

16 thoughts on “Oops

    1. She’s my buddy. I put the food out primarily for her (he-he-he). The birds are an added bonus. She was so cute, perched in the tree, watching me put the feeder back up. She couldn’t wait for me to leave so she could try again.


      1. My Uncle made us a squirrel feeder one year…a little wooden chair on a base with a long nail in front of it that you could then push a cob of dried corn down onto. The squirrels would actually sit in the chair and nibble away. Insanely adorable!!!


      2. Cute! We have a bungee corn cob holder (my son got it for me) but my squirrels won’t “ride” on it. They climb the tree, lean out and snag the cord with a paw and pull it to themselves that way.


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